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"That was 'Broken Mouth Blues,' a cover of a song by Nic Armstrong and the Thieves," announced the singer-guitarist at center stage at New York's Mercury Lounge the other night. He neglected to mention that he was Nic Armstrong, the Thieves were right there, playing with him, and the song was from their 2005 debut, The Greatest White Liar. The band now calls intself IV Thieves, a more democratic handle for what has become an even hotter Sixties-beat fireball than the one I first saw live in '05. Armstrong, guitarist Glynn Wedgewood and bassist Shane Lawlor all write and sing. More important, at the Mercury and two nights later opening for The Pretenders at Roseland, IV Thieves tore into "Catastrophe," "The Day Is A Downer" and " You Can't Love What You Don't Understand," from their new album, If We Can't Escape My Pretty (New West), with knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks. The record comes out in October. Get the first album album and see the band live while you wait.