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Announcing a weekly residency


  • 5:00 PM - Friday 06 June
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 11 April
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 04 April
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 28 March
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 21 February
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 14 February
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 07 February
  • 5:00 PM - Friday 31 January

Beginning Friday 31 January, Nic will undertake a weekly Friday night residency in Austin, TX from 5pm-7pm. Come and get your happy hour on.

The Sketchbook Sessions: the concept of the residency is to present, roll out and test arrangements of upcoming material. Using the massive backdrop to present images and films, we will encourage guest musicians and a variety of instruments to electrify the compositions further.

Read on for each week's diary entry.

  • Nic Armstrong wheelbarrow
  • Nic Armstrong residency

WEEK ONE: Friday 31 January

  • The week started with bitter cold winter weather; one eye was kept on the forecast - it promised a temperate 70F (21.111C).
  • Received a communication from venue to keep one eye on the weather.
  • Friday arrived, exercised, lunched, showered, wrote out a list of song options for the performance that included Chase Me Off/Out, Lay Me Back Down, I'll Come To You, Orchid, Lazy Is As Lazy Does.
  • The benefit of playing a weekly neighbourhood set is the short distance to travel on foot. Packed and loaded equipment into wheelbarrow and headed to venue.
  • Arrived at venue, set up PA, startled several punters by knocking chairs over with speakers.
  • Sitting on a kick drum, performed first half of the set solo.
  • Made a mental note whilst playing that the tune selection was quite dark and melancholic for the end of week setting and balmy evening.
  • Made a point to make as much eye contact as possible wearing shades.
  • Evan Charles arrived and re-arrived with an amplifier; we proceeded to the second half of the recital.
  • Noticed people in attendance dancing in their chairs.
  • Closed the set with a second rendition of Orchid.
  • Received an email that contained a screen shot of a text message correspondence.
  • Received a text messaged photo.

GOALS: begin, low-key, informal

RATING: success

NEXT WEEK: add percussion / voices / keys

Nic Armstrong wheelbarrow.JPG

WEEK TWO: Friday 07 February

  • Week two was out-weathered by the freeze. Wheelbarrow forlorn.

GOALS: add percussion / voices / keys

RATING: cold fail

NEXT WEEK: do it

Nic Armstrong Residency Cherrywood

WEEK THREE: Friday 14 February

  • Caught a filthy mid-week bug, head ten leagues below the surface.
  • The filthy weather gave way to beautiful warmth and sunshine.
  • Loaded up wheelbarrow with more amps than first week's load. Wobbles en route.
  • Arrived at venue. Workmen constructing stage backdrop. Inquired if they were glamourous assistants, received no reply or acknowledgement.
  • Performed two sets with electric guitar and kick drum.
  • Was asked to turn down volume. Pretended to, carried on. Received no further complaints.
  • A good family turn out. Thought a kid was pouring water on effects board.
  • Noticed amazing full moon sitting behind frightening tree silhouette.
  • Two pints. Exit.

GOALS: do it

RATING: did it

NEXT WEEK: week two goals as week four's

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