Nic Armstrong at Barking Irons NYC

Barking Irons presents The Collect with Nic Armstrong

"Tripped-out-whiskey-guzzling-one-man-band, Nic Armstrong blew into our studio with a mile of music under his bowler hat. He rocked the session for over an hour then we all went out to get mauled on drink! Proper bastard, he is." - Barking Irons

Independent fashion house and brand, Barking Irons, invited Nic to perform at their fantastically furnished headquarters located in New York City's The Bowery.

With a mouthful of marbles, a papier-mâché bowler and an almost perfect fake English accent, Nic rolled, busked and bashed for over an hour in a one man style.

Barking Irons

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  • Nic Armstrong Barking Irons
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