Radio plays Pocketless Shirt EP!

We are super excited by the news of radio play for Nic Armstrong & The Thieves' Pocketless Shirt EP!

With our micro (read zero!) budget and small team as manager, booker, promo and plugger, we are very grateful to KCRW and Anne Litt for all their support - a lovely and timely shot in arm! Not that we need a morale boost but one always helps during the intensity of SXSW. Tune in to Anne's show every Saturday and Sunday from noon (PST): http://www.kcrw.com.

Update: Closer to HQ, we are super thankful to 101X in Austin, especially Homegrown Live's Deidre Gott! Tune in to Deidre's show every Sunday at 9 PM (CT) then check out her blog here for playlist info: http://www.101x.com/deidre/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10655808 and http://www.101x.com/deidre/blogentry.aspx?BlogEntryID=10657757

Spread the word folks! Call your local station and request a track from Pocketless Shirt EP. We would love to hear which tracks are your favourite too!

KCRW Nic Armstrong and The Thieves Stage Plot.png