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Excerpt follows:

Nic Armstrong

Band: Nic Armstrong

What's the best part about being a musician? Catching a sniff of a classy tune and the ensuing hunt is one of my most favorite things (as a musician).

Describe your personal style. The best-dressed Englishman in Austin. Clean. Get the shoes right and you'll have good lovemaking.

Who are your style icons? Famous alcoholics, Nilsson album covers, Chuck Berry, Ken Currie, flotsam and jetsam, Cole Porter songs, Cops, Boy George, Hieronymus Bosch, beaches.

What do you like about the general style in Austin? The sea of pretty faces. The general kookery. Art scene. Music scene.

What is your most prized style possession? Taxidermied trophys with X-ed out eyes. Tight euro-style underpants. I go nuts for stockings.

Where do you shop? Online, in person and in secret. Strike a balance between local and multi-national. Odd, one off stores, thrift, vintage, hand-me-downs. I tend to avoid the logos on clothes crew.

What was the worst trend that you participated in? Threesomes. Hypercolor T-shirts. Smoking.

Where to see Armstrong play in March: The outside stage at Whip In on March 15. Rock and roll and a curry!