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Work Begins on "Difficult Second Album"

We are excited to announce that work has begun on Nic Armstrong & The Thieves' new album.

In December 2016, Nic was granted the ability to conduct business and travel overseas again - the final hurdle - ending a near decade fighting out of giant ball of red tape; a Kinks-ian, administrative limbo akin to the giant floating mirror in outer space that the baddies in Superman II were jamming in. The world is now an oyster again.

Returning to the UK in March 2017, Nic made a beeline to Toe Rag Studios in East London to begin work on the "difficult second album" with Liam Watson.

Nic says, 'I am super grateful to everyone who has lent their support over the years. Thankfully, we have navigated through some rather sticky patches and dodgy waters. Now it's time to kick on! Bob's your uncle."

With a clean slate, a sackful of catchy new tunes and a driving license to boot - keep your eyes peeled for upcoming album updates and Nic Armstrong & The Thieves concert listings.

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