“Knife-blade-treble guitars and the vengeful crash of the early Who and Kinks” - ROLLING STONE


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Mute, A Netflix Original Film From Filmmaker Duncan Jones, features Broken Mouth Blues by Nic Armstrong & The Thieves.

The much-anticipated project comes from a story Jones created. The film follows Leo (Skarsgård), a mute man searching for a missing person in the year 2052 in Berlin while dueling with two rogue villains played by Rudd and Theroux. Jones co-wrote the script with Michael Robert Johnson (Sherlock Holmes). Charles J.D. Schlissel serves as executive producer along with co-producers Henning Molfenter, Charlie Woebcken, Christoph Fisser of Studio Babelsberg.

Mute is an encapsulation of everything I am fascinated by; noir, science fiction, and unique people in trouble because of who and what they are. I’m delighted to be able to return to...

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The Greatest White Liar
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